Project Vestfold

100 acres (40 Ha) flat site, centrally located just 15 minutes from Torp International airport. Abundant power is available on-site.

Project: Vestfold consists of a flat area of 100 acres (40Ha) situated next to a strong substation with 5x132kV connections. The substation has 80 MW available, with a further 40 MW expansion possible. Other infrastructure i.e. dark fibre access, railroad station, highway and international airport are excellent. City centres of Sandefjord and Tønsberg (county capital), are 20 minutes by car. University campus is 30 minutes by car.    



The site is facilitated by Statkraft. The ownership consists of one private owner

Sandefjord, Vestfold

59°13'50"N 10°17'40"E (DMS)

59.230735, 10.294383 (DD)

Area view in Google Maps and Google Earth

Site accessibility  &   infrastructure

Distances to cities and main infrastructure:
 - Torp Sandefjord Airport:           8 miles ( 13 km)
 - Gardemoen Oslo Airport:       97 miles (157 km)
 - Stokke train station:              <1 mile  ( <1,6 km)
 - Highway E18:                        <1 mile  ( <1,6 km)
 - Sandefjord city center:           11 miles ( 18 km)
 - Tønsberg city center:              10 miles ( 16 km)
 - Oslo city center:                    69 miles (110 km) 

Site access is already suitable and finished  for access with heavy vehicles

Site area

100 Acres (40 Ha). The site is zoned for 1.300.000 square feet (120.000m2 ) data center buildings, with a max height of 20 meters.

Site topography

The site is flat. The area is located 207ft (63 m) above sea level. With topography of +/-  3.2ft (1 m)


Annual mean temperature: 6°C /42,8°F
Annual precipitation: 386 inches (980 mm)

Power capacity

80 MW, + 40 MW  within 24 months


Dark fibre can be provided from 3 or more providers. Connections can be made to Stockholm, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Water & sanitary

Available on site

Zoning & consent

 Completed  Q4 2018