Digiplex goes to Follum

25.01.2021 | news

Great news for our work at Follum, Digiplex is planning to build a new data center park in the industrial park outside Hønefoss.

Known for their «green data centers”, and continuing their strong environmental commitment, DigiPlex is planning on expanding their data center operation to Follum, Ringerike.

Digiplex already has seven data centers, as well as another center under construction. The company markets itself as an independent supplier that only uses "100 percent sustainable electricity".

One of the main purposes of the expansion is to facilitate the access to renewable energy for international customers. This is not only in line with their ambitious sustainability action plan, it is also an important measure for one of the most power-intensive industries right now.

It is not surprising that Ringerike is experiencing increased interest and growth. The industrial area of Follum is located close to major city hubs with good infrastructure, both existing and in planning, as well as solid access to water and energy.

Another site in the Follum industrial area, currently developed by Statkraft, not only fulfills all these important criteria, it is also equipped with reliable fiber infrastructure and has already been influenced by human activity, hence lower environmental impact when establishing more power intensive industries in Norway.

Contact us with any question regarding Statkraft’s work on facilitating shovel ready sites for power intensive industries.

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