New analysis shows strong growth in the data center industry

26.10.2020 | news

The latest Regional Economic Impact Analysis shows that the Norwegian data center industry contributes close to 2,000 jobs today, and according to the analysis the number will increase to more than 11.000 within five years’ time.

What a perfect timing – we are expanding our scope and welcoming three new colleagues to the Host Norway department soon, to better handle and contribute to this growth. Have a look at what the minister of District and Digitalization, Linda Hofstad Helleland, says about the new Regional Economic Impact Analysis on the data center industry in Norway. 
“We have the best position to become an important data center nation. The government has succeeded in facilitating important value creation in the rural communities. Now we want to invest even more”, says District and Digitalization Minister Linda Hofstad Helleland (H). (translated from Norwegian)
The Regional Economic Impact Analysis has been executed by Implement Consulting Group on behalf of the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization. It shows that the industry is investing around NOK 2.7 billion in new data centers in 2019 and 2020, which is strong growth compared with previous years. 

The report shows that Norway has favorable conditions for creating jobs and activity in rural areas where data centers are established. “Now it is important that we do what we can to unleash this potential in the further work”, says Helleland, who welcomes increased investment in this industry in the future. 

The government is now in the process of updating the data center strategy from 2018 and will be ready with a new strategy by the end of June 2021. 
Among the measures that will be considered are further to increase the knowledge in Norway, measures to strengthen the Norwegian data centers' climate strategy and joint marketing internationally to attract foreign players. 
As a proof of the pudding our congratulations goes to Green Mountain and their brand new 4MW data centre at their new campus right outside Oslo.  

Green Mountain