In the need for industry sites with sustainable solutions and renewable energy?

21.10.2020 | news

Statkraft can offer ready zoned sites for your power intensive industry or together we can tailor-make solutions to fit your need. Our “Host Norway” unit will increase its manpower to be even better positioned to assist you in your endeavor to fulfill your sustainable and renewable message to your customers.

Our current effort to attract data centres to Norway will increase through 2021. At the same time, we will also approach other industries in the need for sites. Norway will have an oversupply of renewables in the decades to come. This gives power intensive industries an interesting window of opportunity: By expanding your business in Norway, you could save cost on the energy bill, as well as contribute to a sustainable development using renewables to power your business. 

Through partnerships and collaboration with landowners, municipalities, the industry, local stakeholders and the official Norway, Statkraft is very optimistic about the future of both data centres and other power intensive industries on Norwegian soil. The data centre industry, including colocations, HPC and DC clusters are the fastest growing industry in the world. Along with digitalization of the globe and the need to go green, there are a great number of entities that can benefit from Statkraft’s suitable sites. 

“Statkraft’s legacy through 125 years, shows a strong support for both new, and existing, industry in Norway. Statkraft has the stamina and the solidity to do this long-term development. Through the success of new industrial establishments in Norway, we are empowering the sustainability message that we strongly support. “says Birgitte Vartdal, EVP European Wind and Solar in Statkraft, Europe’s largest producer of renewable electricity.