Statkraft helps Daimler go sustainable 24/7

15.03.2020 | news

Statkraft is honored by Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG for being an innovating supplier of renewable green power.

Statkraft offers 100% green electricity on a large scale

Data centers around the world have an enormous energy consumption. The focus on renewables in this industry is already known. Google and Facebook have been the top two purchasers of renewable energy for their data centres for many years. Also, Microsoft places sustainability at the forefront and set itself the goal of becoming CO2 negative. Many other major players are now also showing great interest in being green and sustainable 24/7 which Statkraft sees in discussions with large hyperscale providers.

A strong growth in wind and solar PPA’s is recognisable. However, as the fluctuating power generation from wind and solar is not aligned with the data center consumption, the data center industry will need assistance in meeting the requirements for simultaneous consumption and production at all times. To generate green electricity exactly when it is needed is a major challenge that can only be met with considerable flexibility in generation.

This is what Statkraft made possible for the first time in early 2020. Statkraft developed a long-term, 100% green power supply on an industrial scale for all German Daimler production sites. The agreement with Daimler AG meets the requirements for simultaneous consumption and production as well as significant domestic production. A large share of the electricity supplied to the Daimler sites will be generated in German solar, wind and hydroelectric power plants and the remaining quantities will be generated in our Norwegian flexible hydropower plants.

For this unique and innovative green power supply concept Statkraft has received the Daimler Supplier Award 2020 in the category Sustainability.

The deal is a great example that Statkraft can help top international industry customers to become not only carbon neutral, but also receive 100% green electricity exactly when it is needed. We are excited and looking forward to offer this tailor-made solution to the data center industry as well!

Read more in the press release dedicated to the concept:

Statkraft receives Daimler Supplier Award 2020