Host Norway in Silicon Valley

14.11.2019 | news

Atle Haga and Kathrine Langjord from Host Norway had a constructive week with participants from Innovation Norway and several Norwegian data center players in Silicon Valley/San Francisco last week.

Innovation Norway hosted Nordic experts within the data center industry, that have sites in Norway, the Nordics and in Europe, to discuss how to balance needs of data privacy, disaster recovery with electricity supply in the single digital European market. Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Dublin (Flap-d) are the traditional European markets for data centers. However, these markets are becoming saturated and companies need to look at secondary markets to deliver their services in a cost-efficient, reliable way, and with a growing expectation of sustainable behaviour.

The panel debate dealt with the theme Beyond FLAP-D, that is, how Norway should attract this industry and make them venture outside the well-known FLAP-D market. Which challenges, if any, are there? There was a good debate where it emerged that the audience had questions about Norway and whether any establishment had other elements they should know about. The question of how to stand out was also posed - not unreasonably since we’re not part of the EU and for a long time lagged behind the other Nordic countries. The Norwegian government, however, is now welcoming the fast growing data center industry to invest in Norway.

After a few days at Verge, a conference on sustainable and clean technologies and especially a focus on decarbonizing global energy systems a fireside chat, at the consulate’s residence, was moderated by our own Patrick Pfeiffer. Attending the fireside chat was Norway's Consul General Jo Sletbak and the conference speakers;


David Hochschild, Chair of the California Energy Commission, State of California 

Lane Patterson, Founder & Board Member, EdgeUno

Laura Franceschini, Global Sustainability Strategy and Operations, Google


We thank the Innovation Norway team for a great week and hope we helped more Americans to put their eyes on Statkraft.