Giant data center zoning process completed

04.06.2018 | news

Statkraft’s data center project passed a milestone last week when the Telemark project site was consented for power intensive industry by the City of Skien in Telemark, Norway.

The data center project in Statkraft’s Business Development unit asked the City of Skien to regulate the large forest area to power intensive less than a year ago. Last week the zoning process was completed and approved by the municipality.

“The cooperation between the municipality, the land owner and Statkraft’s data center project has been very good throughout the zoning process. This is why it has been completed in record time, and we have not heard of other similar sized projects being re-zoned this quickly in Norway before”, comments Ole Johan Lindaas, Senior Business Developer in Statkraft’s data center project.

The area that now welcomes data centres is today a large forested area. However there are signs of earlier industrial activity in the area since 1539 and the land owner for the last 500 years has been the same family that owns the area today.

“The City of Skien council, led by a very positive Mayor, Hedda Foss Five, has been proactive and constructive throughout the process, reflecting that this region has a long history of supporting power intensive industry”, adds Ole Johan Lindaas.

Large area of flat land with excellent grid connection
The new data center project site of flat land covers of more than 200 ha (495 acres). In comparison, the largest operating data centre facility in the Nordics today, Facebook’s site in Northern Sweden covers some 40 ha.

The site has one of Norway’s strongest substations less than a mile (1.2 km) away, with vast amounts of renewable and reliable electricity available. The city of Skien has a very strong tradition of power intensive industry including paper mills, chemical industry and production of silicon materials.

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