Statkraft’s data center project looks to China

27.11.2017 | news

Project manager Bjørn Drangsholt and Project Director Atle Haga present the data center project in Mandarin on

Statkraft’s Data Center Project has been to China to present Norway as a prime location for hyperscale data centers.

The marketing tour to China was organised in cooperation with Innovation Norway, who is one of the organising bodies behind the Norway China Innovation and Investment Week 2017.

Presentations were given to a range of Chinese high-tech companies in both Beijing and Shenzen. A number of bilateral meetings were arranged, and contacts were established with some of the world’s biggest high-tech companies and players in the car and battery industry.

“We are impressed by the level innovation and the pace of technology development in the Chinese market. We also noted good interest in Norway’s carbon neutral power generation and the value proposition of the data center sites we are preparing to bring to the data center market,” said Statkraft’s Project Director Atle Haga

Statkraft's Data Center Project in madarin: