Hyperscale data centers will have large economic impacts for municipalities and counties in Norway

28.09.2017 | news

graph explaining annual employment impact

Employment of one hyperscale data center in Norway will create more than 6,800 full-time jobs over the 12-year analysis period, in addition to an economic impact of more than NOK 5.2 billion, shows a report from Menon Economics.

Menon Economics, a leading Norwegian research and analysis company has made a thorough economic impact analysis for a possible hyperscale data center established in Norway. They estimate such a data center to be built in three stages over a period of ten year, where operations will start gradually once the individual steps have been completed.  The analysis has used Google’s data center in Belgium and Facebook’s in Sweden as examples on how such centers evolve.

When fully commissioned, the data center will consist of three large data halls, an administration building, a substation and other infrastructure. Each hall will be approximately 30,000 m2, with an installed power of some 30 MW. The yearly power consumption is estimated to be around 750 GWh.

Over the 12 year construction period, there will be more than 6,800 full time workers on national level, with an additional NOK 5,2 billion could be linked to the data center establishment.

When fully commissioned, the annual economic impact is estimated to be NOK 320 million, and create more than 450 full-time jobs in the following years.

Summary of the Menon report

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