World class reliable power

We’ve been supplying energy intensive industries with renewable forms of energy for over 120 years.

Power supply in Norway is nearly 100% renewable. The backbone of our power production is hydropower. Strong incentives for new renewable power have boosted electricity supply capacity in Norway. 

With abundant resources, the integrated Nordic electricity market has the lowest electricity prices in Europe. Within the Nordics, Norway has a significant power surplus, resulting in the lowest power prices in the region. When it comes to wholesale power prices, Norway is  the leading proposition within Europe.

The Norwegian high voltage grid is among the most reliable in the world. According to World Economic Forum’s Energy Architecture Performance Index (EAPI), Norway ranks second in the world. The reason for this is Norway’s vast renewable power available, our grid security and well developed interconnections.

Competitive electricity cost

Total electricity cost in Norway is highly competitive. Electricity taxes are offered to hyper scale data centers at the most favourable level possibly in Europe (EUR 0.49/MWh). Large consumers with a flat load curve achieve up to 90% discounts on use of grid tariffs.

As an example: If one assumes that a hyperscale data center is using more or less baseload, a data center located in Southern Norway would have a total energy cost of 27,7 $/MWh, or 25,7 €/MWh, from Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2018. This includes wholesale price, all taxes and grid tariff (VAT excluded-all market figures from 10/4-2017).