Hyperconscious data centers. Because knowledge is power.

Optimised projects from Europe's largest renewable energy producer. Statkraft Data Center Sites is a facilitator of data center sites, focusing on Norway. We do not invest in land, infrastructure, buildings or servers, but by facilitating shovel-ready projects, we reduce investors' financial and operational risk significantly. And at the same time, we also reduce time to market.

Statkraft sees the data center industry as the world’s fastest growing power intensive industry. We have cooperated closely with the power intensive industry for more than 125 years. Our hyperscale facilitator role is a natural continuation of our role as Europe’s largest renewable provider. Hyperscale investors will benefit from our rich heritage, long term stability and unparalleled expertise as the renewables power house of Europe.  As Europe’s largest renewable provider, Statkraft offers all kinds of short or long term power contracts, PPAs and market access services, in what is considered to be the most well-functioning power market in the world.

Our data center sites have: